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    In July, I wrote a blog post looking at 10 reasons to use marketing automation. What I should have called it is ‘10 reasons to love marketing automation’, because that seems to be the feeling in the market right now.

    The evidence? HubSpot, one of the leading marketing automation providers, recently ran a survey asking its Agency Partner Program what they thought of SharpSpring, a fellow marketing automation provider.

    Why did they do this? Because SharpSpring is making a mark, a mark on even the most ‘untouchable’ kings of marketing automation, HubSpot. SharpSring called this a sign of love for their product, and thanked HubSpot greatly for it. In fact, SharpSpring said they loved HubSpot for making their product happen.

    Here are some reasons why HubSpot is watching SharpSpring closely:

    1. Whilst SharpSpring offers almost the same service as HubSpot, it costs 1/10th the price!
    2. There are no premium price plans or long-term contracts. What you see is what you get!
    3. Support is unlimited and free to agency partners so they can help their clients get the most from the system.
    4. Innovative. Despite being much smaller than HubSpot, they launched their integrated, free CRM more than a year ahead of HubSpot.

    This is why we choose to recommend SharpSpring to clients that don't express a preference for another system. SharpSpring offers great lead generation tools, integrated CRM, lead scoring, email marketing and more.

    Is HubSpot worried? Maybe. However, ultimately we see it as HubSpot making sure it is providing the best possible service to its customers too, and that’s great! HubSpot has excellent marketing automation tools that are loved the world over and they have a superb customer service team that is on hand seemingly 24/7 with pinpoint answers to the most difficult questions.

    So, for the record, we love SharpSpring and HubSpot. We have clients that use HubSpot and other clients that use SharpSpring, and we can move seamlessly between them. Both have their differences and individual qwerks, but ultimately drive the same result: leads.

    See how we utilised HubSpot to strengthen URICA’s position in the alternative finance market.

    The Marketing Eye is proud to be a certified SharpSpring Partner, so if you think marketing automation is for you, please get in touch and we can discuss your individual requirements.


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