IMPRA 2017 – a showcase for Insurance Industry talent and innovation

  • ‘Great occasion, great venue and great showcase for the Insurance industry’ sums up my feelings about the Insurance Marketing and PR Awards (IMPRA) 2017. It was a privilege to be involved as both participant and judge.

    Among the double winners were Co-op Insurance (for Digital Marketing and Social Media Influence) and Ingenie (for brand and for Honor Clement-Hayes, an employee who was voted Young Marketer/PR Employee of the Year). Among the host of other worthy winners, it was good to see the Industry Champion of the Year Award go to Shavaun Glen, Chief Communications Officer at the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

    But aside from all the plaudits for those actually honoured with a prize, I think it is worth placing on record praise for InsurancePOST and Insurance Age , which has done so much to encourage and bring recognition to the insurance community. And credit, too, should go to Incisive Media, the ultimate publisher, which has helped the wider financial services sector with its suite of publications and events management activities – IMPRA being just the latest example.

    It is events such as this that encourage individuals and companies to give of their best, but, perhaps most importantly, it is a reminder to young talented people starting out that the Insurance industry provides a wealth of career opportunities.

    The winners of this year’s IMPRA represent just the tip of the iceberg. The overall standard of entries was very strong, demonstrating that, although such events inevitably produce a list of ‘winners and losers’, the truth is there are no real ‘losers’ as long as the industry can rise to such high standards. The future of Insurance is in safe hands.

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