Marketing and business development are a central part of our management meetings.
A significant proportion of our marketing effort yields a tangible return.
We understand the difference between marketing and sales.
Our existing customers are the source of most of our work.
In our business, there are one or two people who are responsible for marketing.
We have enough opportunities to propose our services to new customers.
We win an acceptable percentage of the new business opportunities we choose to pursue.
We accept any work we can get our hands on.
We regularly produce value adding content to keep our customers and prospects engaged.
The content we produce is distributed in ways that is easy for people to read and share.
Our website is effective at generating leads.
We have a distinctive competence. There are clear reasons why customers should choose us over our competitors.
We are easy to do business with. Customers can engage with us in ways that suit their daily routines.
We frequently measure our customers' satisfaction with our products and services.
We regularly use 'events' to meet face to face with our customers and prospects.
We have a clear understanding of the sectors and customer segments that we are targeting.
We are rarely challenged about our pricing.
We are crystal clear about what our value proposition is.
Our annual marketing expenditure is more than 2.5% of our turnover.
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