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    Managing your LinkedIn Company Page

    Maintaining a thriving social media presence is known to help raise brand awareness. Building an effective LinkedIn company page is one way of doing this and yet they are often neglected by business...

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    Make your website mobile

    To say that the increased use of mobile devices for browsing the internet is increasing is hardly news, but it might be news to some that 2014 is the year when it is predicted that browsing on...

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    How to get on the right side of a journalist

    I spent 20 years as a journalist, working for a variety of publications, from financial journals to a magazine for the duty free trade.  During that time, I was sent thousands of press releases and...

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    What is your value proposition?

    Following hot on the heels of the different or better debate, which we kicked off last month, it is now time to think about your value proposition....

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    Is it better to be different than it is to be better?

    Australian marketing and business strategist, Barry Urquahart, once said 'It is better to be different than it is to be better'....

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    What's The Fuss with Google+

    Google+ boasts an impressive 359 million monthly active users, surpassing Twitter and LinkedIn, and has a user base that is only slightly shy of Facebook....

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    A picture is worth a thousand words

    Making use of a diagram, a chart or simply a photograph is a long established method of breaking up copy on a page and making the reader experience more pleasurable. In today's fast-moving world,...

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    How to actively engage your email subscribers

    Are you thinking of setting up an email marketing campaign but need some more advice? Perhaps you have already started sending regular emails to your subscribers but aren't getting the open rates you...

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    Selling a national brand, locally

    Many local businesses, whether a franchise or a local office, are part of bigger organisation with a national or regional footprint.  Unless 'head office' has a really strong approach to regional...

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    7 online marketing tools your business shouldn't be without

    In order to succeed online you need to embrace a wide range of marketing techniques. Keeping on top of them all and knowing what to prioritise can be tricky. Kristie Marchant identifies seven tools...

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    How to write a winning case study

    Case studies are the kings of content. An in-depth look at how your business has helped a customer can add valuable credentials to your claims about expertise and service and will always be read by a...

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    How much should you spend on marketing?

    How do you decide how much money to spend on marketing? And what happens to your marketing budget when you have to make cuts?...

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    How important are email open rates?

    As a business that uses email in its own marketing strategy as well as the strategies of its clients, we are very focused on the statistics that our campaigns generate....

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    6 ways to maintain your social media mojo

    Social media is time consuming, especially if you want to see results, but, as a business that places social media at the heart of its marketing strategy, as well as the strategies of most of its...

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    Identifying your website visitors - wow!

    The website is now Rome for nearly every business - all roads must lead to it.  By driving visitors to your website, you enable them to find out more about your business, your offer, your people...

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    Marketing automation - make your marketing work by itself

    We've all been on the receiving end of marketing automation....

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    Thanks George, but now would be good

    On the face of it, this was a better Budget for the small business owner than we expected, but on the downside, we have to wait for the benefits.The most notable and welcome measure is the new...

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    End of the recession? It's barely half-time

    Neil Edwards, Managing Director of The Marketing Eye, looks ahead to the Budget on 20 March and calls for measures that deliver hope and confidence above all else....

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    Maximise your next media interview - 5 tips for how to prepare

    This is a guest post by Jennifer Wasilisin Burns of Marketri, our associates in the USA.  The article first appeared on the Marketri blog....

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    Is it ever OK to buy Social Media likes for your business?

    The Facebook ‘Like' and the Twitter follower have created a universe of online marketing opportunities for businesses....

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    Why B2B online marketing doesn't work

    Many businesses are now completely sold on the benefits of online marketing. They invest a great deal in search engine optimisation, content marketing and social media marketing and yet they don't...

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    What is your content strategy?

    As businesses become increasingly persuaded to the benefits of content marketing, Managing Director, Neil Edwards, asks if business owners and marketers are as clear as they should be about their...

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