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August 2014

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    Agile marketing - how quickly can you react?

    We recently looked at real-time marketing, and the positive impact it has on businesses who successfully hijack live, newsworthy and often unrelated events, for the benefit of maximum brand exposure....

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    Streamline your way to sales in the financial arena

    Financial marketing is inherently complex; there are often a number of messages to get across and a number of products or services to promote - all through a wide range of media channels to meet...

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    Psychology, Marketing and Ethics: Can it ever be a happy ending?

    The recent scandal surrounding Facebook's ‘emotion experiments' has brought to the foreground the controversial role of psychology in marketing and advertising. By manipulating news feed content,...

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    Real-Time Marketing's Real-Time Potential

    When Oreo assured Twitter users that they could still dunk in the dark during the 2013 Super Bowl blackout, this tweet became one of the most buzzworthy moments of the whole game. The tweet sent a...

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