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November 2017

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    Which CRM to choose?

    This is a guest post by Martin Zeman of Data Driven Era. The original article can be found here....

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    Does your email marketing need DMARC?

    You may have heard of SPF and DKIM when it comes to email validation – Sender Policy Framework and DomainKeys Identified Mail in case you didn’t - but did you know there’s a third option?...

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    FinTech things in the Budget you might have missed

    Beneath the headlines in the Chancellor’s Budget statement today, there was some encouraging news for the FinTech world....

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    How To: Have a Marketable ICO

    It isn’t very long ago that we lived in a world without the Initial Coin Offering, or ICO. Used by new and innovative companies to raise cash and bring their product or service to market, the...

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    Growing an online P2P community for your investors

    Creating an online presence is one thing but creating, building and sustaining an online community is very much another. Yes, you want to have a social media page that promotes your brand and...

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    Why your unengaged email contacts are killing your business

    Are you sending emails to contacts that have been in your database for six plus months but haven’t opened your last 10-15 emails? If you are, this blog post is for you, because...

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    Financing start-ups – shrewd, brave or foolhardy?

    What does Market Invoice (MI) know that its rivals don’t? News that the invoice financing platform is moving into straight term loans for SMEs is perhaps not so much of a surprise, but what does...

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