Our first award!

  • The website that we have designed and developed for our client Ultissimo has been awarded 5 stars and Best Developer Website, Italy in the 2008 CNBC Property Awards.

    Naturally, we are all delighted. Jo Allen, our creative director, has worked extremely closely with Ultissimo since its inception to define the brand and create a visual identity that reflects the quality and style of Ultissimo developments while at the same time evoking a true sense of life and living in Italy.

    The website is an integral part of Ultissimo's business and we have worked hard with our client to marry distinctive design with informative content and ease of navigation. Like all of the best websites, the Ultissimo site has never stood still and there has been an on-going programme of new content and improvements.

    Paul Belcher, Managing Director of Ultissimo, said: 'This is fantastic news and congratulations must go primarily to Jo for her amazing creative design work and execution. Our whole launch of Ultissimo really has been amazing. Quality has been a hugely important driver for our business and the public recognition of our successful teamwork makes me really proud.'

    We are feeling pretty proud too!

    Programming by Irene Soler www.neujuice.com

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