Twitter's Promote Mode – the 'always on' promotion engine

  • Regardless of whether you're building your personal brand or business account, the new Twitter Promote Mode helps with the amplification of your messaging. It works like a subscription with a current monthly charge of $99, offering reach quantities of 30,000 people and 30 additional followers a month.

    How does it work?

    It’s simple - just continue to promote your brand as you normally would through organic social media activity. Promote Mode does the rest, including running a promoted account campaign to attract new followers.

    When enabled, Promote Mode will take up to your first ten tweets (that pass the quality filter) and place them into a promoted campaign that targets your selected audience. Not every tweet added to the campaign will serve impressions, as the extent to which each post is promoted may vary based on the performance of the original tweet's performance.

    How does Promote Mode differ from Twitter Ads?

    Promote Mode offers a fully automated service, cutting out the need to plan and design specific adverts for individual content pieces and follower campaigns. This time saved can be put into creating new content for sharing on your organic social feeds.

    You can ensure your tweets are being promoted to a relevant audience through targeting. You have the option to use up to 5 interests, metro locations or regions within your selected country. This is less than a standard Twitter ad audience but still enough to get your content in front of a broad but relevant audience. Your retweets, quote tweets or replies will not be promoted, so to make the most of the subscription you'll need to regularly share new, fresh content.

    Although Promote Mode doesn’t offer the full variety of targeting that a standard Twitter ad account does, we think it's a great option for those looking to get into paid social without committing to huge monthly media budgets and time-consuming campaign design. Bear in mind though that this isn’t an easy, no-hassle option though - your organic social media activity will need to be on top form to make the most of this new paid option. If you need help managing your organic or paid social media activity, get in touch.

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