We'll get through this together

  • We are launching our new advertising campaign today. Based on a theme of ‘We’ll get through this together’, the campaign recognises that many of our clients are currently focused on survival and security.

    Survival and security doesn’t mean cancelling all marketing on the contrary it means marketing wisely and in areas that will deliver results. There are several things that we are talking to clients about at the moment that don’t involve them spending more money.


    Knowing and staying in touch with customers is probably the most important one and is at the forefront of many plans. We describe this as ‘reviving that first date feeling’: looking for excuses to get in touch and be together.


    Watching competitors also yields results. Competitors are eating our client’s lunch and we need to know what they are doing. Asking customers if they are being approached and to see what they are being offered can be very informative.


    Whatever field our clients are in, we look for the one thing that will make them stand out from the crowd. Without differentiation, there is only price to compete with, which can often be a downward spiral. The starting point for differentiation is to understand what our clients are very good at - what the signature dish is. With this established we can focus the marketing effort on the core strength.


    Finally, we advise concentrating on one thing at a time. In reality, and particularly now, it is better to take small steps towards a goal than embark on a huge project that will absorb a lot of resource and take a long time to deliver. Results breed confidence and confidence is what is needed right now.

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