ArchOver appointed The Marketing Eye in September 2015 as a direct result of a personal recommendation to Angus Dent, the CEO of ArchOver. The company wanted help with Public Relations, an area where we have an established track record of success based on knowledge and experience gained over many years.

The task at hand

Given that the mainstream media’s approach to Alternative Finance has been to warn consumers against the dangers of investing in such an emerging market, much of the PR effort has concentrated on emphasising the safety aspects of ArchOver’s ‘Secured and Insured’ proposition.

“Gaining a credible voice in this market is not easy, but the support of The Marketing Eye PR team has allowed us to demonstrate our differentiated solution to key contacts in our target press". 

A clear voice in a crowded market

The Alternative Finance sector has become a bustling, successful market place in a very short space of time. The industry is projected to finance at least £5 billion in 2016 – not bad for an industry that was virtually non-existent as recently as 2012.

Along with all this success has come a proliferation of platforms operating in the market, each one eager to promote its own proposition. For any organisation to stand out from the crowd is not easy. There has been the added danger that the biggest, most established players with the largest budgets are able to use their firepower to dominate and blot out their would-be competitors.

Read more about how we overcame these challenges by downloading our full case study:


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