RAA becomes Partner of SUSDRAIN

RAA becomes Partner of SUSDRAIN


Urban flood specialist Richard Allitt Associates (RAA) has become a partner in ‘susdrain', the community for sustainable drainage. Other members include Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and the Environment Agency.

Based in Haywards Heath, Sussex, RAA is a leading provider of hydraulic engineering and flood risk consultancy for the urban drainage industry. Its flood mitigation services include modelling, drainage design, risk assessment and technical development. Associate Director Martin Allitt commented: "We have been working with ‘susdrain' for the last two years and our moving from supporter to full partner cements our relationship with other leading members of the industry, including some of the leading agencies as well as our clients."

"Susdrain provides valuable information and support for the country's drainage and highways engineers, planners, urban designers, landscape architects, land and housing developers. The growing membership demonstrates industry support for the wide delivery of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)."

In August this year RAA became one of the first Urban Flood specialist companies in Europe to offer a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved Remote Aerial Survey service to help combat the threat of flooding in the UK. The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ("drones") allows RAA to undertake surveys which assess more accurately the impact of climate change, particularly in inaccessible areas such as marshland and rivers.


For further information, or to arrange an interview with Martin Allitt, please contact: Keith Lewis at The Marketing Eye on 01825 765617 or email: keith@themarketingeye.com 

Posted: 17th of September 2014

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