A sharp look to reflect our sharper focus

A sharp look to reflect our sharper focus

business cardsIf you haven't guessed already, and we've hardly been very subtle about it, we've been building up to the launch of our new brand identity...and today is the day it finally all goes live!

Ta-dah - we've got a new website, new signage, new stationery, we've got the lot.

Those of you that have been through a re-branding will know what all this means in terms of workload.  We've managed the process many times for clients and it felt quite odd being on the recieving end of our own advice and encouragement - perhaps we'll be more sympathetic next time!

Naturally, we are sad to be saying goodbye to The Marketing Eye man who has been at the centre of our identity since we launched.  He has served us well and we are sending him to a good home, so we feel we're doing the right thing by him.

But change must happen and we are super excited to be launching our new look.

Now is definitely the time for us to refresh our identity and make it reflective of  the business we have become and the markets we seek to service. In recent years, we have built up a significant amount of knowledge and expertise in the exciting worlds of Alternative Finance, FinTech and Technology and we are turning our business significantly towards these markets. Folks, this is for you!

Existing clients that are not in these sectors, needn't worry though. The transition will happen gradually and we love working with you.  Everybody needs a bit of variety in their lives and you're it for us!

Of course, we'd like your feedback. Please call us, send an email or go onto our social media channels with your observations. We'll be delighted to hear from you (just break it to us gently if you don't like it!).

Thanks for all your support

Neil and the team

Posted: 16th of December 2014

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