Neil responds to the latest survey figures from Sussex Enterprise

Neil responds to the latest survey figures from Sussex Enterprise

Sussex Enterprise recently published its latest survey figures - tracking issues ranging from employment to cash flow. When it came to profitability - and specifically in the marketing/media sector - 4 firms said they expected profitability to ‘improve', 12 firms expected it to ‘stay the same' and 3 expected it to ‘worsen'.

Neil has responded to these figures:

"The marketing industry was lightly represented in the survey - surprising for an area with such a strong digital and creative community - but our experience is similar to the findings of the survey as a whole in that profitability has improved in the last 12 months, most notably in the last quarter.  At the beginning of the year, things were looking very flat and we were focused on improving margins and managing costs to maintain profitability.  Now, while these disciplines remain very important, we can also look to increases in turnover to improve our bottom line.

The survey shows that, despite a general sense of improvement in turnover and profitability across the region, this has yet to translate into an improved sense of wellbeing when it comes to cash flow.  Investment intentions also remain suppressed.  Businesses like ours that supply to other businesses won't fully come out of recession until our customers feel more confident in their liquidity.  

At the moment, the drivers seem to be stock-piling against inflation, a sudden reversal of fortunes or, perhaps, continuing concerns about access to finance (interestingly, the latter point isn't something that the survey sought to explore)."


Posted: 15th of January 2014

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