SEO Local

Our SEO Local service is designed to cover all the basics of a search engine optimisation programme and can be expected to achieve results for local searches (e.g. Probate lawyers, Sussex) inside a 6 month period.  More competitive search terms might take longer.

For national searches or competitive search terms, we recommend a full SEO programme and can introduce you to one of our associates to do this for you.

Our fees for this competitively priced service are spread conveniently across 6 months and involve an initial payment of £300 (payable in advance), followed by 5 equal monthly payments of £250.

Foundations - keyword research and targeting recommendations

We will spend approximately 4 hours researching suitable keywords and phrases and aligning the most popular search terms with your marketing strategy.

If we have not worked with your business previously, we will seek an additional 2 hours to familiarise ourselves with your business and talk some ideas through in a workshop style format.

A maximum of 6 search terms will be agreed.

We will then prepare an opening benchmark report showing your current ranking on the agreed keywords.

On-page optimisation

We will agree 2 pages for optimisation with you.  These will normally be the Home page and one other, typically one of your services pages.

Our first task will be to ensure that the agreed search terms are effectively incorporated into your pages.

Ideally, we will have access to your content management system so that we can make any changes directly.  Failing this, we will liaise with your developer or website manager (please note that this can take longer and may involve additional charges).

First level changes will include page titles, descriptions and meta tags. We will also identify any faults in the website e.g. broken links.  This work, excluding any liaison with your developers, will take approximately 3 hours.

Our focus will then turn to the content and will include headings and body copy.  We will spend approximately 5 hours doing this, blending good copy-writing with search engine friendly words and phrases.

Google Places

Google Places is a vital part of local search for many different search terms and there are some specific things we can do to make sure this is set up correctly for your business.

Link building

The number of quality links that come into a website is at the heart of the Google algorithm.  Link building needs to be an ongoing process and we will start the process for you by:

  1. Making principle directory entries e.g. Google places, DMoz and three or four local directories
  2. Submitting your site to a several hundred global directories.  There will be a disbursement fee of £75 for this activity.
  3. Posting one optimised press release to 4 press release distribution sites
  4. Posting one optimised article to 4 article submission sites.

We will then spend a little time each month carrying out online research in your niche, examining your market place and competition, and finding opportunities for you to build your online profile.

Performance reporting

We will provide a monthly report on the performance of your selected keywords and combine this with Google Analytics data if you can give us access to it.

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