In the news - 03.06.16

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British funding scheme fails to boost business lending

Britain's scheme to encourage banks to make more credit available to households and businesses failed to significantly boost lending in the first quarter of this year, data showed, amid concerns about a slowdown in the economy. (Reuters)

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UK watchdogs to see if tougher peer-to-peer lending rules needed

Consumers may need tougher protection against "inherently higher" risks from investing in online platforms that offer loans, a senior MP said on Wednesday. (Reuters)

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One in six UK small businesses rejected for funding by mainstream lenders

Small business owners are turning to alternative finance such as crowdfunding thanks to “greater flexibility” and “ability to lend”. (Startups)

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UK Government supporting Islamic finance with alternative student finance solutions

To ensure participation and choice are open to all, the UK Government has introduced primary legislation which will, subject to Parliament, allow the Secretary of State to provide alternative student finance consistent with the principles of Islamic finance alongside loans and grants. (Islamic Finance)

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SMEs show increasing demand for alternative finance as high street banks disappoint

The researchers suggested high street bank frustrations have led to SMEs turning their attention increasingly towards alternative finance, including property finance, crowdfunding, invoice finance and asset finance. (Business Matters)

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Mortgage rates fall to record low as Bank of England mulls rate cut

Home buyers in April paid the lowest interest rates ever on their mortgages, according to the Bank of England. Earlier in the year banks and building societies scrapped some of the best deals on offer because they expected the Bank of England to start raising interest rates. (The Telegraph)

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