Tech company leverages marketing automation for generating new leads

Case Study: how TechStart leveraged SharpSpring

TechStart is a software company that implements an all-in-one technical support system for large businesses. They have been in the software space for less than 3 years, but began struggling with generating leads, due to competition from well established companies and limited marketing funds. TechStart software has great reviews, however they weren’t capturing enough leads to sustain their company for the future, and roughly half of their leads were unqualified.

TechStart implemented marketing automation to:

  • Generate leads through content marketing
  • Pre-qualify leads in order to help the sales team become more efficient
  • Maintain contact with new leads to decrease unengaged time in the sales process
  • Increase the conversion rate for leads that have filled out a form, but have not attended a demo.

Tactics deployed included gated content to capture leads, segmenting data by using dynamic lists and sending targeted marketing content through drip campaigns.  The result: 72 leads per month creating gross revenues of £1.07m


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