Can I Use Legitimate Interests Post-GDPR?

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By: Jason Dilworth on 14th May 2018, 1 minute read

Take this quiz to find out if you can use 'legitimate interests' in your marketing activity

Following Neil's recent blog about using Legitimate Interests as a lawful basis for data processing in a post GDPR world, I thought it might be helpful to create a quick quiz to help ascertain whether you can use 'legitimate interests' within your marketing activity after the 25th May.

The Information Commissioners' Office had already helpfully put together an interactive tool for assessing lawful basis across the board, and below you'll find our reproduction of the section in question. There are a maximum of 5 questions to answer. Click the '?' next to any question to get more information to help guide your response.

If you have any further questions about using legitimate interests rules in your marketing activity once GDPR comes into play, contact us today.

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