Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Now more than ever, marketing is a data-driven discipline. The demand for results from all parts of the organisation means marketers need to be able to report on their activities and justify everything they do. Marketers too want to be in control and able to optimise their campaigns and budgets.

In our view, this is no bad thing.

Data means more insight and better decisions, so we put a significant amount of emphasis on tracking, measurement and reporting. This includes:

  • Tailored Google Analytics set-up for full monitoring of visitor behaviours and funnel activity
  • Through-the-line lead tracking from the source of first-contact to conversion
  • PPC reporting
  • Email marketing reporting
  • Detailed measurement of social media engagement to understand reach and influence
  • Search rankings
  • Structured A/B testing and channel comparisons
  • Calculation of Cost of Acquisition, conversion ratios and Return on Investment (where revenue data can be captured or provided)

All of our clients receive a bespoke and detailed report each month containing their results and our recommended response. These are then followed with a conference call when the actions and priorities for the next month are agreed.


Case Study: Crowd2Fund

How we helped Crowd2Fund achieve 10,000 visitors a month from a standing start

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