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7th February 2017, 4 minute read

Comparing the different marketing automation systems can be difficult. I mean, where do you start? There are a more than a few to begin with. Some have features that others don’t, some of those features come as standard, whilst others are only available as paid add-ons. Some allow you to add 100,000 contacts under the standard licence fee, and others charge extra for the luxury of storing additional contacts: it can be a tricky process to say the least. That’s why we’ve created a marketing automation comparison tool, that not only compares six of the top systems available, but compares them based on your individual needs. This means you won’t get caught out by those enticing introductory offers, only to feel stung later down the road.


How does it work?

Well, it’s simple.

Firstly, you will be asked to enter the number of marketing and sales users who will need access to the system, including those that require full administrative access. This is important, remember not all marketing automation platforms are created equal, and the cost will change depending on the numbers you enter here. If you are unsure, just make an educated guess, you can always change it later.

Next, you will add the number of contacts you currently have in your database and any additional contacts you expect to add over the coming year. Marketing automation platforms differ considerably on how they structure their pricing around database size. For example, Lead Gen & CRM by Constant Contact allows you to store 100,000 records straight out of the box, whereas Marketo only includes storage for 10,000.


Case Study: PrimeStox

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Finally, you need to think about what features you want as part of your marketing automation system. For example, would you like to connect your Google AdWords account so you can track the number of leads you are getting for the money you spend on there? This feature would be a paid add-on in Pardot, but come included with Constant Contact.

The results

Once you’ve completed the three sections, you will be presented with the results.

The results will tell you what your initial upfront commitment is, as well as your annual subscription cost. You will also get insight into whether this will be an annual or a monthly contract. This can be important if you are just getting into marketing automation. Running a marketing automation system requires time and effort, and you won’t want to be tied into something you aren’t comfortable with. The tool will also allow you to calculate your costs in pounds, dollars or euros.

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A breakdown of costs for additional contacts and users, as well as add-on fees, will also be displayed.

Price isn’t everything. We have also included some product reviews and Trust Radius scores, to further help with your decision making process.

We hope you find this comparison tool useful. We will keep it regularly updated, but please be aware that prices can change quickly, and you should use this comparison tool as a very good indication of what you are likely to spend, but not gospel.

The Marketing Eye is a certified marketing automation agency, so if you want a detailed discussion about how we can help you get the most out of the technology, please contact us today.

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