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26th March 2014, 3 minute read

So you want to take the leap and launch an app? Great idea! Apps are an excellent way to market your company, improve customer experience and, most importantly, step into the mobile marketing arena.

The first phase of the app process, the build and programming, isn't hard. There are many specialists who can provide technical help and as long as you have user experience in mind and an actual purpose you are well on your way to producing a great mobile asset. The hard part is what I call phase two - getting your app noticed. The digital landscape is cluttered with apps, some exceptionally successful, others that are a user experience nightmare.

So how do you get noticed and maximise app downloads?

You need a strong app marketing strategy.

People rarely stumble upon apps; they are usually teased for weeks in advance and then positioned in the perfect place to be downloaded. Here are the key parts to an app marketing strategy:

App Store optimisation

Everyone needs to consider SEO for their website and the app equivalent is no different. The App Store is the Google of the app world - everyone wants to get noticed. Before you unleash your creation into the digital landscape you need to make sure you have refined you app name, message and key words. This will help customers find your app and, once found, convince users to download it.

Generate a great expectation

Create a separate web page for your app. Advertise your new app on your homepage but always ensure you link to a page inviting people to register their interest by submitting an email address. Gathering data will give you a list of those who want to know of your app release date.

Also include an app trailer, this is a great way to build expectation and hype and will provide a good piece of content for the social media campaign that will also drive traffic back to your website - a win win!

Shout about it!

As we mentioned last week, you can incorporate banners on your website and email campaigns, add QR codes to printed literature and share it extensively in your social media updates. A really good app, with unique or particularly helpful features, could attract the attention of the media. If yours falls into this category, consider a press release and letting selected journalists have a preview. Journalists will receive hundreds of press releases a day, but don't let this discourage you if you think you have something valuable to share.

App-ly app analytics

Supporting your in-app analytics is a key part of your app marketing strategy. Use Google Analytics to monitor and maximise user experience. Find out what is working and what isn't, refine your model and mould your app to your user's needs. This in turn will increase your success in the market.

Remember, planning your marketing strategy is vital for success and should be done before you begin any technical build. Investing the time to put each of these elements in place will ensure it gets maximum exposure within the market place.

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