Hot Topics in Social Media Marketing Right Now

  • Hot Topics in Social Media Marketing Right Now

    Neil recently presented at the Financial Services Social Media conference in London.  Leading marketing professionals got together to discuss and share ideas and best practice on social media marketing.

    Marketing is a constantly evolving process and practitioners need to adapt to the latest trends and advancements in thinking and technology: it's a continuous education.

    We have compiled a list of the hot topics from the day that we hope you will find useful. Any questions: feel free to ask.

      Social media marketing is crucial

      No longer is it an optional ‘nice to have', social media should hold a central role in any marketing strategy, for both brand awareness and customer service.  Quality time needs to be spent nurturing the brand across these channels.

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      Marketing with a purpose

      Statistics show greater growth in businesses that have a clearly defined purpose beyond profit.   Social media allows a cause or purpose to be shared across a wide audience.  In return, the cause provides great content and a consistent theme for posts.

        Benchmarking and goal setting

        Phil McGuin, Head of Insight at Stickyeyes, spoke about the importance of using industry statistics as a benchmark for establishing realistic goals to aim for.

          Real time marketing

          Companies need to pick up the pace when reacting to large scale events and occasions - an obvious example being the World Cup.  Brands need to be planning for these global happenings and integrating them into their campaigns. Georgina Parnell - Sales Leader of Twitter UK - really honed in on the need to ‘seize the moment' and educated the crowd on tapping into trending keywords.

            Single tap engagement

            Think of an audience on the go and create and post content that can be accessed in a single tap. Multimedia content such as Vines, lead generation cards and infographics are often crowd pleasers.


              Vital to resonate with your clients.  Social media needs to use content that draws on context and relevance. The point of maintaining a human touch in social media marketing was echoed by senior speakers throughout the day. The need for authenticity and consistency across all departments within a business were also reciprocated.

                Mobile usage

                80% of the UK's 15million strong Twitter population access the site on a mobile device. Businesses need to be tapping into the users who are networking on the go.

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