Innovative Finance ISAs - all you need to know (podcast)

  • Many of us enjoy Mike Baliman's excellent London FinTech podcasts. With the Innovative Finance ISA, or IF ISA, being such a hot topic of conversation at the moment - and more questions than answers still around - this interview with Jake Wombwell-Povey of our client, Goji, is particularly timely.

    Jake gives good and clear explanations of the past, present and future of the IF ISA, covering essential topics, such as:

    • Where the FCA is in the regulation process and the dual challenges it faces
    • The current state of the legislation
    • How investors will be able to invest - and how they won't
    • Platform diversification (even now, still a moving target)
    • Possible future directions for the investor/lender proposition.

    The podcast is approximately 40 mins long and well worth a listen in our view, by both platforms and investors alike.

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