Managing your LinkedIn Company Page

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31st December 2013, 4 minute read

Maintaining a thriving social media presence is known to help raise brand awareness. Building an effective LinkedIn company page is one way of doing this and yet they are often neglected by business owners who are more focused on their personal profiles.

Here are 10 ways to make sure that your company page is driving as much engagement as possible:

  1. Post updates regularly
    Everytime you make a post it will appear in your company's followers timlines creating the opportunity for you to be seen and heard.  Dive in with an attention grabbing headline. Begin with a phrase or sentence that will get your post noticed and encourage users to read on. 
  2. Use facts, stats and expert tips
    Keep your content varied and interesting by regularly producing fresh content containing interesting facts, stats and valuable advice.
  3. Pose your updates as questions
    Why? Because it targets your audience directly and shows them that their opinion matters.  Take this one step further by engaging in conversation with those who do respond to your updates.  Leaving them hanging will discourage any future interactions.
  4. Sponsor important content
    Have you got an event coming up or a new product launch?  Give your posts a boost by sponsoring key updates.  You can choose which updates you wish to sponsor and then target your desired audience by location, company name or category, and job title or category.  Once you have defined your audience, you can set the budget for your campaign and how long you would like to sponsor your selected updates for. This is the best way to put your posts directly in front of your relevant audience and increase engagement - it really couldn't be simpler.
  5. Involve your work colleagues and best supporters
    Having your work colleagues and best supporters liking, sharing and commenting on your posts will help to expand your reach by putting your posts in front of their connections too.  This will bump up the visibility of your posts across the LinkedIn network:
  6. Vary your content
    Maintain interest by varying the content you post.  This will show your knowledge on a diverse range of topics, and help to familiarise users with your brand.  Mixing up the promotion of your own content with interesting content you have found online is also a good idea.  Users will appreciate the effort you have made to point them in the direction of something interesting and could show their appreciation by liking or sharing your post.
  7. Keep it short, sharp and simple
    Most users do not have time to stop and read lengthy, detailed posts and will only choose to read posts with instant appeal - it's all about getting the balance right with posts that are high quality, yet quick to consume.
  8. Highlight your call to action
    Don't hide any call to action within a long, drawn-out posts.  Keep posts short and the purpose clear.  Users will then know straight away if you are asking anything of them.
  9. Get your timing right
    LinkedIn is a professional network and weekday mornings and lunchtimes have been highlighted as the most popular times for post engagement.  If you are planning to write several updates per day, ensure you space these out to avoid bombarding users with too many posts.  This sort of behaviour is likely to encourage unfollows if repeated often.  A recommended number of updates would be around 20 per month with at least 1 post per day to maximise your chance of exposure to followers.
  10. Monitor your performance
    The sure fire way to track how well your company page is performing is by making use of the LinkedIn analytics tool.  You will be able to measure which types of posts are attracting the most interactions.
The Replace Base

Case Study: The Replace Base

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