A picture is worth a thousand words

  • Making use of a diagram, a chart or simply a photograph is a long established method of breaking up copy on a page and making the reader experience more pleasurable. In today's fast-moving world, there's even less time to read pages of words or research, so designers are busy creating infographics.

    An infographic combines elements such as flow charts, design, cartoons and graphs to put forward ideas or explain how a particular company or process works - in an easy-to-understand, often entertaining and eye-catching way.

    We've been telling our clients about the benefits of infographics and recently created this example for Platform Black:


    Infographics come in many formats but they all share the common goal of communicating a message in an easy-to-grasp, yet memorable way.

    More and more businesses and marketing companies are making use of this new tool and here are three reasons why:

    Great for media exposure

    Traditionally, a good photograph has always captured the imagination of a journalist and the same can be said for an eye-catching infographic. So, think about creating one that will look good in a magazine or online. They are a great way of explaining complex information and will brighten up any page.

    Engage with your customers

    Infographics are a great way of engaging with your customers in a bright and straightforward manner. You can use them to introduce clients to a new product or service in a friendly, non-threatening manner.

    Be found and be shared

    Utilising infographics will show your audience that you are a forward-thinking company. They also work really well in the sphere of social media and are ideal for sharing. Add an infographic to your tweet and it's very likely that followers will click and view it and, hopefully, retweet it. Design a great infographic and, who knows, it might go viral.

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