Radio Ads with Performance Tracking Now Available

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By: Jason Dilworth on 23rd April 2019, 3 minute read

Radio and audio advertising have been difficult for The Marketing Eye to work with over the years, due to our performance marketing focus.

We’re generally involved in activities for clients which can be clearly linked to a specific outcome. "You spent £100 on a targeted Google Display Ad campaign. You received 250 clicks to a landing page. That generated 10 leads which turned into one customer worth £1000." Those are the sort of sentences we like to be able to say, and radio ads are difficult to track through the funnel.

Radio ads have their place, of course, and in a more branding focussed agency and client they are a major part of the mix, but for us it’s not been a great fit.

Until now.

While analog radio still bears many of the challenges it always has, radio through connected devices offers up new ways to interact with defined audiences. Couple the radio reach with that of on-demand music services like Spotify, SoundCloud and Deezer, as well as most of the popular podcasting platforms, and you’ll find that you can target up to 26million UK individuals.

Let’s say you have a product which is relevant to university students, and you have an audio campaign in mind. Previously you might have looked to local and university radio ads, and hoped you’d be heard by the right people when your ad happened to play. The truth is that those stations have miniscule reach when compared to mainstream stations.

Now you can target people who listen to mainstream radio stations like Absolute Radio, Heart or Radio X, within the ages of 18-23 and within 5 miles of a university town.

That's not even mentioning targeting by where people shop, or by their interests, or by the weather.

With this sort of targeting, you can be sure that your message is being heard more often by those it’s relevant to, and that your inventory is not being wasted.

With the tracking available on these platforms, you’ll also be able to tie first interactions as a result of your audio campaign to a conversion at the end of the funnel. You can finally bring these campaigns into line with the data that search, display and social campaigns have been able to provide for years.

If you’d like to learn more about the audiences available within your target niche, get in touch for more information.

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