The Alligator Email: A Clever Way to Re-Engage Prospects

Learn how to re-engage prospects with the creative and effective Alligator Email strategy.

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By: Darren Coleshill on 18th September 2023, 3 minute read

If you're in sales or marketing, you know it can be tough to re-engage prospects who have gone dark. They're not responding to your emails or calls, and you're starting to lose hope.

But there's a clever email strategy that can help you turn things around: it's called the Alligator Email.

The Alligator Email is an innovative way to get your prospect's attention. It starts by acknowledging that they have not responded to your previous emails or calls. Then, it uses a creative analogy to make them laugh and think.

For example, you could start your email with something like this:

Subject line: Checking on the alligators

"My smoke signals don't seem to be getting through, and I'm starting to worry that alligators have eaten you."

The alligator analogy is ridiculous, but it's also memorable and attention-grabbing. It's also an excellent way to show your prospects you're not taking their silence personally.

After the alligator analogy, you can go on to explain why you're making contact and what you hope to achieve. You can also offer your prospect a solution to their problem, or a free consultation.

The Alligator Email is a great way to break the ice with a prospect that has gone dark: it's engaging and memorable, and it can help you get the conversation started again.

Here are a few tips for writing your own Alligator Email:

  • Personalise the email by using the prospect's name and mentioning something specific about their business or industry.
  • Keep the email short and to the point. You're just trying to get their attention, not sell them anything.
  • Use humour, but don't be too over-the-top. You want the prospect to smile, not be offended.
  • Make sure your offer is relevant and valuable to the prospect.
“"Focusing on new prospects means you may take your eye off older contacts, reach out to them and see if they need your services.””

If you're looking for a way to re-engage prospects who have gone dark, the Alligator Email is a strategy worth considering. It's a fun and effective way to get their attention and start the conversation again.

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