There was a time when PR meant issuing and following up press releases to the papers and broadcast media.

Not any more.  Today, PR is more broadly defined as 'content marketing': the creation and distribution of value adding content, both online and offline.  No longer is it necessary to rely totally on editors (although they retain a highly important role), there is now a significant opportunity to self-publish and self-promote your news and content.  

The philosophy remains, however, never miss an opportunity to write about what you are doing or thinking. Remember, papers, industry journals, blogs and online news portals all need content and are invariably receptive to timely, relevant and well written contributions.

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We can help you write articles and press releases and use our contacts to distribute them to the local and national editors, trade press and online news portals. If you need public relations consultancy, we can help you with this too.

You can view a selection of the coverage we have acheived for our clients here.


PR Watch

Like the idea of regular PR, but put off by the thought of expensive monthly retainers?  Ask about our PR Watch service.

Write your own release

Happy to write your own release? We can get your news in front of your target media for as little as £125.

Press distribution

Our targeted distribution service pinpoints the media in your specific market.  From national newspaper editors to trade and lifestyle publications, we can tailor a media list to suit your story.

Online distribution

Today, distributing your press release to online news portals is arguably as important as sharing it with offline media.

We can make sure your press release reaches the news portals and online sites which matter to you. The results are almost immediate and will help to drive traffic back to your website - which will have a positive impact on your brand awareness and search engine optimisation (SEO).

One recent press release sent out for our client, The Institute of Risk Management, produced the following results (over a 28-day period):

  • 35,410 news feed impressions
  • 1,253 onsite impressions
  • 806 total reads

"We are delighted with the coverage and have already seen the impact in our Google analytics reports - well done"

Fiona Duhig, Head of Marketing, The Institute of Risk Management.

Distribution through our online service costs from £90 and includes:

  • Optimising your press release for maximum online exposure
  • Sending it to the most important news portals, including Google and Yahoo - from which it will be picked up by other news services
  • Providing you with weekly online statistics of pick-up for four weeks after release
  • Optimising your press release for the search engines (from £160)

Media Training

We offer essential and advanced media training packages through our partners, Primedia.  These packages are recommended for any clients seeking coverage in national and broadcast media, or for anybody having to deal with actual or likely media interest in a crisis management situation.

To find out more about how we can help you with PR, contact us and ask for Keith


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