We call this section events and exhibitions, because these are the terms you will be used to.  What we are talking about, however, is any form of engagement opportunity that allows you to meet face-to-face with your customers or prospects.

Face-to-face engagement builds relationships like no other form of marketing can.

We can take you to events where your prospects will be, a trade show for example, or create a bespoke event that your prospects will want to be at - anything from an international roadshow as part of your channel marketing programme to a facilitated round-table discussion.

Event Management

We provide a full event management service for all types of event. Whether you need a total package or prefer to pick and mix from the services we offer, we can support you all the way from concept to delivery... more

Stand Design

Stand design can range from graphic design of event collateral, including display graphics and supporting communications, to stage design and audio visual... more

Installation And Logistics

Very often, the most stressful and tiring part of any event, be it a trade show or major conference, is dealing with the set up and making sure that everything is at it should be... more

Pre and Post Event Marketing

The success of your event is as likely to rely on what you do before and after it as what you do on the day... more

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