Website visitor identification

Getting traffic to your website in the first place can be tough enough, and while exceptional tools like Google Analytics can tell you everything you could want to know and more about the number of visitors to your site, including how they got there and what they did when they arrived, you are still several steps away from turning those visitors into customers if they don't fill out your contact form, make a call or reveal their identity in some other way, for example, by downloading some content.

Software that allows you to identify the companies that are visiting your website exists, bridging the gap between marketing and sales and putting users more firmly in control of the lead generation process.

The Marketing Eye uses and is happy to recommend Wow Analytics. Some of the features we like about Wow are:

  • Automated alerts for hot leads
  • The ability to segment and assign leads
  • Campaign and keyword tracking
  • Visitor journey tracking
  • CRM integration

As well as identifying your visitors, we can help you with tactics to identify and make contact with decision makers, turning visitors into meeting opportunities.

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