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Wouldn't it be great to have a marketing department of your own; a team that you could throw the tricky challenges at and rely on to make happen the things that you want to do next?

Whether you need thinking and planning or timely implementation of an important initiative, if you choose our 'Retain us' service, The Marketing Eye will be there to provide the support you need on an ongoing basis - just as if we were part of your team.

Services typically enjoyed by 'Retain us' clients include:


  • Development of a marketing strategy and plan
  • Ongoing consultancy and advice on the marketing strategy and plan


  • Directing marketing projects as scheduled in the plan
  • Email marketing - distribution of e-shots and media alerts
  • Writing and distribution of press releases and other routine copywriting tasks
  • Managing social media
  • Routine creative work within a monthly limit
  • Sourcing and managing external suppliers where required
  • Reporting on performance


  • Attendance by a Client Director at senior management meetings (average of 1 per month after initial planning phase)
  • Telephone/email support from marketing executives

As the name implies, our 'Retain Us' service is a retainer agreement.  A retainer offers you a discount on our hourly rates and is priced at £500 per day.  You simply decide on the number of days you need.

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Retainer agreements are subject to 1 month's notice in the first 12 months and 3 month's notice thereafter. Additional work is charged at our hourly rates unless otherwise agreed.

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