Client charter

The way we deal with our clients is what sets us apart.  Our Client Charter lays out what you can expect from us and the standards we have set for ourselves.

Every client is our only client

  • We will treat you as if you were our only client
  • You will never be made to feel that we are giving your requirements a lower priority than those of somebody else

The right advice

  • We will never recommend a service or marketing idea that is more in our interests than yours
  • We are committed to the continuous professional development of the team and to keeping abreast of the latest marketing methods
  • We will not offer to do work ourselves that we are not sufficiently experienced or qualified to do.  In these circumstances, we will offer to outsource the task and manage the process for you
  • We will provide recommendations when asked for them and not shy from telling you if we think you might be making the wrong marketing decisions

Fair charging

  • Our charges will always be clear and pre-advised
  • We will tell you if we are outsourcing any part of your project to a trusted third party
  • We will tell you if we believe the scope of your project has extended beyond previously agreed terms and obtain your agreement to continue
  • You will never be surprised by an invoice that you receive

Our commitment to quality

  • We will align our quality goals to your needs and expectations
  • All of our work will be checked in accordance with our quality management procedures before it is submitted to you.  Errors and omissions will be exceptional and never the result of a lack of care or attention

If things go wrong

  • We will admit if things go wrong and take responsibility for putting them right
  • We will use every endeavour to deliver your projects on time. Sometimes, factors outside of our control will affect our progress.  If this happens, we will keep you informed and work with others to reduce the impact as far as possible
  • If you ever have the need to complain, we will respond within 1 business hour and keep you up to date with progress if we need longer to resolve the situation to your satisfaction

A continuous drive to improve

  • We will continuously strive to raise the bar that we set for ourselves
  • We will actively seek your thoughts and suggestions on our services and use them to inform changes and improvements

Explosive growth

"From a standing start to advancing £1 million a week to British businesses - all in barely a year - Platform Black has seen explosive growth.  By using an integrated, multi-channel sales and marketing strategy to engage with diverse prospect groups across multiple touch points, The Marketing Eye has played  a very important role in helping us achieve this growth."  

Louise Beaumont
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Platform Black

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