20 posts your financial services business should be sharing on social media

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13th March 2018, 6 minute read

Ensuring you have enough fodder for your social media activities is always a hard one. On one hand, you want to maintain quality but the other knows you need to post regularly enough that you keep your business front of mind.

Finding a happy medium is the aim and that’s why we’re going to explain our top 20 social media updates.

  1. Explainer content
    No one is born an expert in everything, everyone needs to learn and research to hone their skills. It’s your job to create the content people will need to understand your industry, your business and your concept. These can be in the form of blogs, videos or whitepapers and they will help cement your place as an industry expert. 
    But don’t leave this explainer content to just sit on your blog waiting to be found – share it on social media!
  2. Curated content 
    Your social media timelines shouldn’t become glorified blog pages solely featuring your content. The best social media timelines have variety and include third party content curated for its benefits to your followers. Pick relevant pieces from influencers, news sites and non-competing organisations, and share them.
  3. Breaking news
    You want to be known as an authority in your industry meaning you’ll need to share industry news as well as explainer content.
  4. Twitter discussions
    Bring together a group of relevant influencers to promote a particular hashtag and event time. Once the day rolls around, you can sit back and watch your community start talking to itself.
  5. Shine a light on your customers
    Use your customers to demonstrate the effectiveness of your services, providing social proof that they work. This will generate more interest in your brand as people are more likely to trust a person’s recommendation than a company professing to be the best! Have you provided finance for a new development project? Share a picture of the finished building and explain how you helped the project.
  6. Celebrate the holidays
    Every day seems to be a new funny holiday with a crazy hashtag opportunity, show some humour and join in! They’re a great way to show some personality while staying relevant – include a funny picture and you should be onto a winner.
  7. Employee profiles
    People engage better when they see a face they recognise. Showcase your talented team and highlight the people behind the brand.
  8. Promote local events
    Whether you’re heavily involved in your local community or not, it’s a good idea to promote a local event every so often. It’s a nice way to show goodwill and demonstrates you’re engaged with the local community - it might even get you some extra promotional opportunities.
  9. Live tweets
    Regularly attending industry events? Why not live tweet and provide followers and those who could not make it with some live commentary? Include event hashtags and speaker handles to increase post reach.
  10. Birthday posts
    Everyone loves a birthday (and probably loves the free cake even more!) so use your staff as an excuse to share the love with your followers and encourage some good feeling across social.
  11. Infographic segments
    Infographics aren’t always the most social friendly pieces of content. Try cutting up your infographics into bite-sized chunks that are small enough to display natively and effectively on your timeline. Link back to the full version for more information.
  12. Original research
    Original research is like the holy grail for digital marketing and if you can share something new and interesting with the numbers behind it to back it up, then you’re onto a winner.
  13. Helpful snippets
    When it comes to social media, most people don’t have five, ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes to stop and read an article. Cherry pick the most engaging snippets from your long-form content and share them across social.
    Quote graphics are a great way to share those helpful snippets in a visual manner, instantly proving more engaging to followers. More generic quotes are also great, simple bits of content that require very little of time and effort. Pick quotes relevant to your audience, industry or service and post it.
  15. Run takeovers
    What better way to show off your employees than letting them loose on your social media. Get them to show off their work life whilst bringing some personality to the brand. It’s not just a bit of fun for the team, followers will enjoy seeing some behind the scenes snaps.
  16. Promote your services
    A nice and simple one – promote what you do. It’s all well and good being known as the knowledgeable and approachable business in the industry but if people don’t actually know what you do, how are you meant to attract new custom?
  17. Respond to comments
    Join in! Show you’re involved in your community and listening to what they have to say by responding to questions and adding to discussions. This positive interaction will boost engagement and demonstrate your willingness to have real conversations.
  18. Testimonials
    Social proof is a great tool for all marketers and another great way to show your products or services work. If someone is praising - and in turn selling - your business on your behalf, it’s a win-win situation.
  19. Weekly roundups
    Run a quick weekly roundup of everything you and your teams have been doing – events you’ve been to, awards you’ve won, birthdays celebrated, and content shared. It’s a fantastic way to wrap up the week and give followers a chance to see something they might have previously missed. 
  20. Link to other social profiles
    Your audiences can be very different on each platform that you share content across. Each social network has its own demographics and is therefore likely to affect the types of people it attracts. It’s a good idea to cross-promote social profiles, encouraging audiences to follow you across all networks, building out your follower numbers and ensuring they see content variety.

We don’t expect you to use every idea but it’s worth picking out some that catch your eye first. Keep your social timelines varied, your follower numbers growing, and your content calendar packed.

Get in touch here if you need help with your social media strategy and implementation.

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