The Replace Base

An online retailer of mobile device repairs and replacement parts

The Replace Base

The Objective

Our client has grown from being a small home-office operation to a multi-million pound turnover online business over the course of over 7 years of work together. Our role is to generate monthly online revenues in line with targets.

The Challenge

The repair of mobile devices is a highly competitive space and one where the less trustworthy businesses that operate within it drag down the reputation of the industry as a whole.

To generate revenues within available budgets, we had to work out how to bid strategically and competitively for search traffic, make sure the visitors that we attracted felt a high degree of trust in our client’s ability to deliver, and turn as many of the visitors into repeat paying customers as possible.

How We Did It

Our approach to this project has evolved over time. From ensuring that all copy on category and product pages was unique at a time when most retailers were copying descriptions from manufacturers, to running a multi-faceted and auto-updating Google Shopping campaign to supplement organic traffic, this project has truly been a full-service challenge.

Our services cover the whole online sales funnel and include:

  • Full PPC management, from audience targeting to bid management, to maximise revenues and minimise cost of acquisition
  • Display advertising and retargeting aligned to the behaviours and purchase intentions of the visitor
  • SEO
  • Conversion rate optimisation on the website
  • Social media management – organic and paid
  • Email marketing – with automations fully aligned to the behaviours and purchase intentions of the visitor
  • Management of the online store functionality on the website
  • Development of, and recruitment to, the online forum

The Results

Monthly revenues have increased from 4 figures to well into the 6 figures from monthly website traffic by 100,000 visitors.

The ROI on Google Ad spend is 600%.

Social media engagement is on a continuous upward trajectory, as is the website traffic that is generated from it. The ROI on social media spend is 360%.

The forum now has more than 750 members and generates 12,000 page views each month.

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