Accounting firms can use Twitter effectively

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14th April 2011, 4 minute read

Our 100th post is a guest post by Debbie Andrews, Owner and Managing director ofMarketri, a provider of outsourced marketing services in Doyleston PA.

Are you charged with Marketing the services of an accounting firm?

Are you looking for innovative ways to leverage technology in order to reach more clients & prospects?

The Replace Base

Case Study: The Replace Base

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If so, your Accounting firm should be on Twitter. Twitter is a great tool for B2B organisations that leverage it properly.

Many of firms out there think of Twitter as just another electronic billboard. This is so far from the truth. After only a few months, it's those same organisations that tell you that "Twitter doesn't work for B2B businesses". They are 100% correct. Using Twitter as an electronic billboard doesn't work! In this article we are going to provide accounting firms with a few tips for using Twitter effectively.

Accounting firms use Twitter to promote services

Does your accounting firm offer audit services, litigation support, business valuations, tax planning & compliance services, mergers & acquisitions, business consulting, or employee benefit plan audits? If so, then you have A LOT of educating to do.

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Having a B2B blog for your accountancy practice would be a great way to educate clients and prospects about your services. After you publish each article, you can hop onto your Twitter account and tweet each new article. You can then engage your followers in discussions around the article based on those who ReTweet it & provide comments. Twitter is an AMAZING tool for sharing relevant and valuable content with your clients & prospects.

As an added bonus, the more educational the material you produce, the higher you will rank on search engines and the more prospects you'll be able to add to the top of your sales funnel.

Accountancy practices use Twitter to provide tax tips

Corporate and personal tax law seems to be constantly changing, which means most business owners and private clients cannot keep up. These people are looking to hire an Account that is knowledgeable on current tax law.

By taking the time to provide tax tips, tax advice, and links to relevant tax-related articles on Twitter, you will get your services in front of more prospects than you would without using it. Twitter is a great tool for connecting with total strangers, turning them into friends, and ultimately from friends into clients. By providing those strangers with helpful information through Twitter, you may find that you have many more clients come tax time next year.

Accounting Firms use Twitter to educate B2B clients on the latest industry news

Just as your Accounting firm should be taking time to educate your clients and prospects on the latest corporate tax laws, Twitter is also a great tool for educating them on ALL of the latest industry news (that's directly relevant to the services you offer).

New technologies coming out to help protect organisations from cyber fraud? Tweet about it. Tighter corporate audit regulations on the way? Tweet about it. Upcoming changes to health and safety laws effecting businesses? Tweet about it.

Use Twitter as your primary tool for sharing information and providing opinions on industry-related information. This will position you as a leader in your space as it shows just how up-to-date your accounting firm is with everything going on in the Accounting Industry.

(Editor's note - Look up the services of The Marketing Eye's client Bizezia if you want a source of regular industry news for your website.)

Is your Accounting practice using Twitter?

Is your Accounting practice using Twitter? How has it been working for you? Have you been using Twitter in the ways described above OR are you using Twitter in other interesting ways?

Please share your stories with The Marketing Eye and Marketri community by leaving a comment below. If you're not using Twitter at your Accounting Firm yet, get on board as soon as possible (askThe Marketing Eye or Marketri for advice if you need it). Twitter is a very effective marketing tool for B2B organisations who use it properly.

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