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October 2016

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    Bank referral scheme launches this week

    After years of lobbying and a similar amount of negotiation and planning, the Bank Referral Scheme launches this week....

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    Twitter layoffs - lessons for FinTech

    Twitter has been buzzing over the last couple of days with news of layoffs at, ironically, Twitter....

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    Don't ask the applicant

    Of the many interesting topics discussed at Lendit earlier this week, the one that caught my attention most often was the future of underwriting. Strange for a marketer you might think, but I happen...

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    LendInvest results

    As a quick follow on to my recent post, When is a loss a good loss?, LendInvest bucked the trend somewhat this week by announcing profits for the 12m to March 16 of £3.4m....

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    App based banking - yes please, sort of

    New entrants to the banking sector are arriving thick and fast, most of them designed for riding the internet highway. However, the latest Global Consumer Banking Survey conducted by professional...

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