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November 2016

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    Bank Referral Scheme - Is the horse drinking?

    The long-awaited Bank Referral Scheme took its first official breath on November 1 this year after a journey that began in earnest in 2015 when the Coalition Government put the ‘Small Business,...

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    LiftForward to launch in UK next year

    The UK Altfi market could be faced with a genuinely new business model to contemplate when Jeffrey Rogers, the President and CEO of New York-based LiftForward, brings his show to town sometime in the...

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    Do we need a P2P Compensation Scheme?

    The lack of an industry-funded compensation mechanism along the lines of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which stands behind the banks, has long been used by some sections of the...

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    Zopa to launch a bank

    News that Zopa, which pioneered peer-to-peer lending with its launch in 2005, plans to launch a next generation, or neo-bank in early 2018 has caused quite a stir....

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    Peer to Peer hits the High Street

    Between them, the ‘Big Four’ banks have reportedly closed around 1,700 branches across the UK over the past five years. Furthermore, they have made no secret of the fact that their customers can...

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    Borrowing behaviours of cash based small businesses

    Picking out the genuinely useful indicators in amongst the myriad finance-related surveys doing the rounds can be hard work at the best of times, not least when the headline writers get a tad...

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    How to send the right email every time with Dynamic Email from SharpSpring

    Email is one of the most effective pieces of marketing at your disposal. The ability to communicate your products and services directly to your target audience is a mouth-watering prospect. However,...

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