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December 2016

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    2017 - a year of hell or a hell of a year for Alternative Finance?

    2016 gave us Lending Club; record new business volumes; a slow start for the IFISA; launch of the Bank Referral Scheme; oh yes, and Brexit…and Trump....

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    The smart content marketing funnel

    Is content marketing just another in a long line of marketing buzz words? Well, here at The Marketing Eye, we don’t think so....

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    FCA interim report ruffles P2P feathers

    The Financial Conduct Authority’s recent Interim Feedback report has certainly ruffled some feathers. Its publication prompted emotive headlines to appear like ‘FCA to crackdown on P2P lenders’...

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    7 essential components of your marketing strategy

    A marketing strategy is more than just a string of campaign ideas, it has to be a sustainable, measurable process that drives sales and business growth. Here are 7 essential stepping stones to help...

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    Italian job - any takers?

    The knock-on effect of Matteo Renzi, Italy’s Prime Minister, making good his threat to resign if voters rejected his plans for constitutional reform, which they did by a ratio of 60:40, was...

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