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June 2018

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    Google AdWords is no more

    Google is having a clean up of its ad products....

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    Social Media: the affordable introduction to marketing for SMEs

    For SMEs looking to start a more serious digital marketing strategy, the options available can be a bit of a minefield to navigate. There are so many channels and options to choose from, so we...

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    The race to IPO by P2P’s big Three

    The game’s afoot. P2P’s ‘big three’ – Zopa, Funding Circle and, most recently, RateSetter – are all rumoured to be finalising plans to secure a listing on the London Stock Exchange,...

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    How you can use employee advocacy on social media to boost your brand

    Whether you are just starting out or you're a fully-fledged industry expert, everyone needs people who promote their brand, their culture and their products or services. For most businesses their...

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    What is GDPR bigger than?

    With the country seeming to have gone GDPR crazy in recent weeks, John Lennon’s famous quote came to mind and we couldn’t help but wonder, just for a bit of fun, we promise…. is GDPR bigger...

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    7 reasons to ditch the annual marketing plan

    Conventional wisdom is that we should plan everything: our business strategy, our cash flow, what to buy on our next trip to the supermarket. We are obsessed with knowing where we want to be and how...

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