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    Are you a lazy content planner?

    You’ve had your team planning sessions and agreed the content titles for the next 6-12 months. You’ve even married them against your personas and content funnel stages. Excellent, you’re ahead...

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    Creating Dynamically Generated Artwork for Direct Mail

    Every week at The Marketing Eye a few of us get together for what we’ve dubbed “The Creative Meeting”, during which we throw ideas around to solve problems or wishes for clients or ourselves...

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    How to create the perfect investor pitch deck

    If you're a start-up seeking equity investment, getting investors to buy into your vision could be the difference between your idea changing your world or being consigned to the bin. This makes your...

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    Radio Ads with Performance Tracking Now Available

    Radio and audio advertising have been difficult for The Marketing Eye to work with over the years, due to our performance marketing focus. We’re generally involved in activities for clients which...

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    Setting social media strategies for start-ups

    At The Marketing Eye we work with a lot of start-up companies and businesses in the early years of trading and, as a result, we have become accustomed to setting those early-stage marketing...

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