A week at The Marketing Eye

  • This week, I spent my time at a marketing company, “The Marketing Eye”, in Uckfield, East Sussex for work experience and to learn more about what is involved in a marketing business and where The Marketing Eye fits in.

    What is marketing?
    Marketing is the process of essentially promoting a business to more customers and setting an image to potential customers via methods such as advertising and campaigning. It is the part of business where you have your product or service to sell, but you need to reach out to customers or present your business in a certain fashion to potential customers. Examples of marketing include:

    • Digital advertising (This is a large section of marketing and comes in many different forms. e.g. Website ads, banners, video ads, affiliate marketing, opt in emails, etc.)
    • Creating a brand for a business (Logo design, company look/theme).
    • Directly campaigning to potential customers (See this post for a brilliant example: http://goo.gl/bwNBrG)
    • Feature in the press (e.g.Newspapers, magazines, online news sites.)

    Some businesses have an internal marketing sector, meaning they do the marketing themselves, whereas other businesses may use an external marketing team and use a company like The Marketing Eye to do a part of their marketing for them or for support.

    A marketing campaign is a defined series of events or activities that promote or re-image part of a business to people, in the hopes they will end up becoming customers. Part of what The Marketing Eye do is engage in campaigns, either creating them or supporting them in some way. Examples of marketing campaigns:

    • An online advert or, more commonly, a set of digital adverts that can spread across many different digital platforms (Videos, site ads, banner ads, mobile ads.).
      A blog.
    • Press releases (A set of information or an article sent to the press in hopes in that it will be published).
    • Lead generation (Using a person’s interest in your representation of your company to gather some of their details and have the ability to present them more promotional content).

    What parts do The Marketing Eye do?
    TME’s clients are other businesses looking for promotion and imaging. From what I gathered, TME cover several branches of marketing:
    Lead Generation and Automated Marketing:

    Lead generation is making use of a person’s interest in (typically online) content from a company, and using it to gather information on a person (called a lead). After gathering some information from that person, it is stored in a database which the company can have access to. This can be used to analyse the types of customers that are interested in the company and to send additional information to people (like emails) to further promote the company.
    Email lead generation is known as “Opt-in emails”.

    At my time in The Marketing Eye, I gathered that lead generation is very important and can be used in “automated marketing”, which according to The Marketing Eye is very important for more business. Automated marketing allows lead generations to be used all around the clock, saving time and resources. E.g. Automatic emails sent to all registered emails. The Marketing Eye use a system called “SharpSpring” which they encourage companies to use, as it covers lead generation and automated marketing. Automated marketing also allows companies to see what marketing techniques are most effective. E.g. “A-B testing”, where two different methods are used and sent to different groups of people, where one can then analyse which method lead to more business and therefore find the most effective marketing strategy. User data can be collected via a method called tracking.

    Systems like SharpSpring can track data and line it up in order, then show users’ data. But how do you get leads? I learnt that there are several ways in which The Marketing Eye actually get leads in the first place. Getting someone to hand over their details will often need the company to give something in exchange. An example of this is this “landing page” on The Marketing Eye’s website. This landing page (web page) offers a free guide in exchange for details. I learnt that a landing page is a common device used to hold a details form and the subject content in which a person is interested in. Getting people to visit landing pages often needs some kind of promotion like an advert or link externally somewhere else.

    Press Releases and Blogs:

    Another factor that I picked up on whilst at The Marketing Eye is their use of blogs to promote their clients and themselves (via their website). In terms of marketing, blogs are something that are meant to get the reader’s interest and lead them on to taking interest in the company in someway. It is also another platform that can be used for promoting a landing page for a lead. The Marketing Eye create press releases and blogs for clients, to attempt to get the PR published or the blog popular. A press release usually contains information about the subject matter, or a pre-structured/written article for the publisher. The PR is then sent off to a publisher (e.g. Newspaper) If the PR is published, it may draw interest and attention to the client and help the business gain another potential customer.

    Social Media:
    Another method The Marketing Eye use is social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. By linking the client’s social media to other digital areas, their social media can grow in popularity and interested followers. The Marketing Eye themselves use Twitter as one of their main social network platforms (https://goo.gl/1Xq1YV). Here, they regularly post updates and interesting content to engage followers and primarily to grow in popularity. Along with some of their content, a link of some sort is often used to link the post to their website, some of their online content (blog posts), or to some of the clients marketing content. This way they can keep followers engaged, whilst also gaining more potential customers. The Marketing Eye also use LinkedIn quite a bit and they seem to see LinkedIn as a big opportunity to help clients. TME have a free guide (http://goo.gl/UIQCLO) about LinkedIn Sponsored Updates as part of their lead generation system to gain details in exchange for a free guide.

    Design Work:
    At TME, design work is also done in house or, as I was told, externally done for their clients. Design work can range from graphic design (logos, banners, etc), to brochures and leaflets, website design and branding design. Design is an important and large sector of marketing as it affects how people literally see a company’s image. It communicates the style and theme of the company and can give an advantage if their design work looks good and is appropriate. A recurring look to a company’s graphic design can create a known brand image and make the company appear more professional. Graphics also can be a good visual aid for people who are looking at your company and can be a more effective way to communicate information.

    During my time at TME, I spent time doing some digital graphic design work for the company's logo in different themes. TME provide clients with design work such as logos, web design and brochures, however, design work such as web design is usually done externally out of TME’s office as it is quite a specific task that requires a different skill.

    To conclude, I see that The Marketing Eye also may cover lots of other areas of marketing, depending on the current tasks they have. Overall, they can provide many different effective methods marketing to their clients to help promote other companies. I’ve learn’t that a huge part of marketing is digital - most of what TME do is digital marketing, and that there are many different areas of marketing and a plentiful amount of different methods. Spending time at a company like TME has also illustrated how businesses work more clearly and how their work is structured. It has given me more of an idea how other businesses may work and what to possibly expect in other companies. Comprehensively, I have found TME very interesting and different to the usual routine I have (school) and it has been enjoyable and a good experience.

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