The Aspects To Social Media

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    The Aspects To Social Media – How they can be useful for your business.

    I’ve recently completed a week of work experience at The Marketing Eye, and I’ve learnt what a valuable aspect social media can be towards a growing business. From my age’s perspective (14), social media is something that many of us use for messaging or to keep up to date with latest trends. However, for many small and large businesses it is a great way to make your product more aware to the public. On Facebook alone, there are more than 1.35 billion different monthly users from all around the world. So whatever your product is, there will always be an audience for your business.

    During my week, I sat in on a meeting about how a small business wants to use social media to gain awareness of their business and product. I didn’t expect there to be so many different aspects to advertising your company online. I completely underestimated the depth a business has to go through to make their product aware to their certain audience. Considering this, now when I’m on my own accounts on social media it’s quite obvious to see a few adverts of businesses in the corners of the webpage, that I might not have noticed before.

    For some social media accounts e.g. Instagram and Twitter, “followers” are used by the public to gain a level of popularity; the more “followers” you have, the more popular/interesting you are. The same principal is used for businesses. We looked at Twitter in the meeting of how this small business wants to gain awareness on this site. The team at The Marketing Eye were discussing how this business wants to increase their number of followers without making their number of people they follow too high. However, the team argued that it is hard to do this without increasing the other. They wanted to focus on followers as this means there is more people regularly reading their new content. I can relate to this as when I post on my social media I always like to have more likes, by having more followers. But it is hard to do this without following loads of different people. I didn’t realise how common ideas for social media for the everyday user, affects how a business can gain awareness and eventually sell their product. Also I didn’t realise how “new crazes” and especially the ‘hashtag’ can attract new customers or even a new audience.

    As I’ve been growing up, in my early teenage years revolving around social media, the ‘hashtag’ was used for people to connect their online posts with each other. By having the same hashtag, the public can see that their posts were about the same things. However, I’ve been shown how this can be really helpful to pass on a message. I didn’t necessarily think that businesses used the hashtag as it was a something that teenagers had changed to being slightly childish. However if large groups of certain people are using them to connect about the same thing, then the hashtag is a great way to connect this group to your business. There is already a collected audience who are thinking or posting about the same theme, all it takes is a business to post with the same hashtag to attract the attention of this group. So for a business to keep track of new trends and methods to gain popularity is vital for them to keep an open and growing audience. This is something that I wouldn’t of normally guessed a business would use. I knew businesses would use social media, but the fact that they keep track on new methods and trends (no matter how bizarre), is something I didn’t expect them to. I would assume they used social media just to connect to interested parties, but not to see what any selection of age and gender are finding interesting. This aspect to social media advertising is very helpful for a business as it will always increase sales if the majority of their market is connected to them.

    The use of these hashtags and trends will be undermined if there is less or too many of them. The quantity and timing needs to be planned and precise otherwise an interested person could be bombarded with offers and facts and could cause them to turn their interest elsewhere. Again, this is a process that the average user might not expect happens. From an outside view of this method, you can see how this does help. A user might be scrolling through their feed and then the business’ post appears. If it is scheduled then the user can expect it to appear. Also, if it is scheduled to post at regular intervals (weekly) and not at a short intervals (daily), then it will catch the user’s attention as they haven’t seen a post from this business in a while. An average user will post or update their online profile on a social media site when they fell they have content worth sharing. This is normally unpredicted and sometimes spontaneous. Because of these random times, interaction with your posts and people could be slow as at this time people could be offline. However, if your posts are scheduled at a time where there is an optimum amount of people online that are interested in your business or becoming more interested, then interaction with your post should be at its highest. Timing and scheduled posting is very important as you can see by this example.

    Your post on social media isn’t just there to be admired. The benefit of publishing ideas on social media is that you can receive feedback from previous clients or interested clients. Now this feedback does have its good and bad points. Starting on the bad point, this feedback can be public. So if the feedback is damaging to you or your company and it outlines any issues they suffered with your business or product, it is there for anyone interested in your business to see. This could rapidly decrease sales if there is contention whether you are delivering your guarantees. However, the fact that it is public can be helpful if people are kind enough to leave a review and positive feedback. This feedback is then shown in other users’ feed and your awareness will grow if more people love your product. Even if they were just satisfied with your product, the user might offer suggestions to improve your business and product. These should be handled gratefully so the customer feels like you accepted their feedback and resolved their problem (if they had one). If your audience is giving you feedback on how you could improve your product then you should accept this feedback as it will make your product sell more if it is improved by the market. Social media being public is great for a business as anything you post is interactive with other users. This means your content can be shared globally no matter where you are from and it can be improved by clients.

    The fact that almost everyone that is connected to internet is on social media creates a vast culture full of different people that are attracted to various ideas and products. Anyone who uses social media has different uses for it. Myself: I use it for messaging friends and keeping up to date with trends. But I’m just an average user who thought that the majority of people used social media for the same reasons I do. I was unknown to the power of social media can do for others and in this situation, your business.

    By William Read , Lewes Old Grammar School – Student on Work Experience 

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