Five Free, Quick Strategies to Boost Your Online Marketing

  • For small and medium sized businesses, Internet-based marketing can be a costly, time consuming expense.  Those who can't afford pay-for-performance services like PPC or banner advertising need not worry though.  Free online marketing strategies that work nearly as well as their paid counterparts do exist, but they require a bit of manual labour and legwork.  Here are five free, quick strategies to boost your Internet-based marketing efforts.

    Social media presence

    Leaving your unique mark on the social media playground is an absolute necessity.  You want potential customers to know who you are, what you do, what your passion is, and what product you're trying to sell.  Media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn are all popular tools that are ready use!  If people don't know who you are, how do you ever plan on selling products?  Get out there and become known!

    Guest posts

    Find your niche and procure guest posts on websites that pertain to your niche.  If your niche is "employment law" then post in forums and blogs pertaining to employment, recruitement and HR related news!  The most important aspect about guest posts is that they all contain the URL to your website.  These links are called "backlinks", and search engines rate websites with more backlinks higher in the search engine results.  Another benefit of guest posting is the ability to interact with your market, resulting in a better understanding of their needs and wants.

    Become an expert in your niche

    This isn't so much about becoming a certified expert, rather it's giving the message that you know what you're talking about.  Get on Twitter and reach out to a leading thought leader in your niche.  Are you trying to sell financial services?  Then reach out to high-level employees at the banks or the FSA and converse with them while asking the general public to chime in.  You can easily gain lots of followers by interacting with popular figures and have people see your comments.  You don't have to be a famous face to convince people you know what you're talking about!


    Having passion for your niche is one of the best free online marketing strategies there is.  You need to be passionate about what you're trying to market, otherwise, you'll burn out quickly and become bored with whatever product you're selling.  Steve Jobs once said, "you need to be passionate about your work or you won't become successful.  The road to success is too long and hard and you would quit if you weren't passionate."  If you're marketing something you don't like, get out now!  There are millions of ways to become successful, so why not chose one you actually like?

    Choose your target market

    This may be the hardest online marketing strategy, but it's the most important tool you could ever harness.  You might want to appeal to the broadest possible audience, but  unless you are Amazon or Disney it is unlikely you will be available to afford it.  Decide on you target market (or markets) and you will then be able to concentrate your resources effectively - follow the followers of the publications, contribute to the blogs, monitor the trade shows and put yourself at the heart of the conversation.

    With diligent planning and execution, using these free strategies can yield results on par with most pay for performance marketing campaigns.  While these strategies may require more work, the cost (or lack thereof) frees up your funds to invest elsewhere.  In fact, you can use these techniques to enhance your paid marketing campaigns.  Give them your best shot and adapt them to meet your online marketing needs.

    Best of luck!

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