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  • So, your business has splashed out on a big, beautiful high quality piece of video content, you are going to want to stretch it as far as it will go, right? Then don’t do what everyone else does and share your beautifully shot and developed video to YouTube and Facebook just once! This is a fingers crossed and hope for the best approach and certainly not the best for engagement rates.

    Not everybody will be online the first time you post it and, as videos are content gold mines, you have a great opportunity to create multiple post angles and types.

    We have put together 10 great tips for promoting your videos through social media.

    1. Post it

    The most obvious way to promote your video content is to post it - get it uploaded as it is! If you have a few videos ready to go, it may be easier to upload them all in one go, but staggering uploads will offer more alternatives later down the line with teasers and build ups to launch.

    2. Cut it up

    Got a top-tips video? Well, if you can encapsulate a handy tip into 15 seconds then why not cut it and share it across all your social channels. Post with a link to the full video or channel and watch the views rise. You could use a clip against a Facebook link ad to promote your channel if you are willing to boost your efforts.

    This doesn’t have to be limited to tips though! What about a video compilation; introduction; video teasers; or even a useful recap clip – these all add value to your viewers’ experience whilst encouraging them to want more.

    3. Gif it up

    Just like you can create video clips from your videos, you can also create an animated “gif” of sections too. These could be used within your digital marketing instead of static images and are great for sharing on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

    4. Still shots

    Just like gifs, you can take good quality stills from videos and use them to post on your social channels. Images are a great way at boosting engagement and offer a varied social feed, which followers like.


    This is a favourite of ours! Did you say something valuable in one of your videos? Well, why don’t you take that pearl of wisdom and post it as a standalone update with link to the full video.

    For a more visual approach, you could incorporate some imagery and create a cool piece of typography, which would be great for Instagram and Twitter.

    6. Slideshow

    You can use the content you share in your videos to create some great SlideShare presentations too! You already have the content there, so why not take a little extra time to create another piece of content for another channel? These would be great for sharing on LinkedIn or embedding in your blog posts.

    7. Transcript/Blog Post

    We all appreciate a business that includes a video transcript or key takeaways from a video when we don’t have loads of time. They are great to go back to when you need a quick reminder of what was said so it would be ideal if you could create a new webpage per video in your blog section keeping the relevant blog post transcript and embedded video together. This will stop your content being limited to those who use video as a source of information.

    8. Create a Podcast

    This is another easy one to execute, especially for those who regularly create video content.

    Creating content that is bespoke for each channel is always recommended but using the audio from your videos can work well and save time, especially if you are just starting out with some new channels.

    9. Bundle it up

    If you have several other pieces of useful and relevant content, it may be worth bundling them together with your video to create a training “module”. This could mean grouping together a video, worksheets, free checklist download or even a selection of other videos from the same playlist.

    Repackaging content is generally much easier than it is to create new content from scratch every time.

    10. Collaborate

    If you are struggling to gain traction with your YouTube channel and finding views and subscribers aren’t growing, collaborating with a person or company who is running a successful channel is a good idea.

    It would be a great way to get your name out there and promote your content to a group of viewers who may be completely unaware of your presence.

    Making sure you have enough content to keep your social followers engaged is always a struggle, but we hope that our 10 top tips for sharing video content helps. Remember, we recommend you stick to the rule that every video you create (unless purely for entertainment) should solve a problem. If you can provide answers to a problem that a lot of people have then there is a high chance that they will share your video with others with the same problem.

    If you need a hand with your video content, or would like advice on how best to share it using social media, feel free to get in touch! Don't forget you can subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great marketing tips and insights. 

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