Repeat, Repeat, Repeat – 4 reasons to keep contacting the same prospect list

  • Asking someone to buy your product or sign up to your service after only one mail-shot or email is unrealistic. We can’t expect that one email, no matter how carefully crafted, will be enough to entice someone to make a decision for their business.

    We’ve written before that it takes as many as 7 touchpoints to make a sale, maybe even more. One thing is for sure, there’s no silver bullet to getting the message, offer or timing right first time, plus there are several other factors that will ultimately influence the success of your campaign.

    1. Who you are

    If your company name is recognised, it will be familiar to the prospect and carry with it a certain level of preference. The psychology behind familiarity preference is simply that people trust more the things that they recognise. That’s fine if you already have a recognised brand name, but if you are unknown to them, you must start at the beginning. Repeat emails will help build up awareness of who you are and confidence that you are here to stay.

    You must consistently repeat your brand message over time to establish a trusting relationship.

    2. Having a need

    The individual receiving your email might not have a need right now for your help – the chances are they won’t, no matter how intelligent your targeting is. You can try your best to create that need by making them more problem-aware, but they are not going to buy if the timing just isn’t right. Even if the need isn’t there now, though, it doesn’t mean people won’t consider you when it arises later. Repeat emails will ensure you’re top of mind when you need to be.

    You must consistently repeat your value proposition to show customers how they can get value from your product or service.

    3. No distractions

    Each person receiving your communications will be in a state of flux, managing their working day, running to get from A to B on time, meeting the deadlines that are right in front of them. Sadly, they will often be too distracted to open every communication they receive, or read them carefully word-for-word.

    Repeating your emails will give you a much better chance of one arriving at the right time for that person, and it being read.

    4. Influencers and influences

    The person you have been writing to may well now be sitting up and taking notice, but they will be part of a network of decision-makers for a company, each of whom are influencers who need to be brought to the same point. Other influences may simple be the budget, or time of year for the business. Your emails need to work to build up the business case.

    Repeat communications will ensure you remain part of the plan for the future.

    Email nurturing is a technique that accommodates these four factors by intelligent repeat emails to the same contacts. Each email has a different angle on your brand and value proposition, and focusses on adding value and educating, rather than selling. These emails test and probe to find the right angle for each prospect, building up your company name, allowing for the timing to be wrong the first, second and third time, but making sure your offer is top of mind when the influencing factors do eventually come together.

    Marketing automation systems make the process even more intelligent, working continuously in the background to nurture your prospects for you. Things get really smart with automated personalised follow-ups if the recipient clicks on a link, for example. Some Marketing Automation Systems incorporate lead scoring that shows you the life-time engagement of a prospect. Even if someone doesn’t specifically reply, you can see how many times they have interacted with your communications, through clicks, opens or website visits. You’ll see the lead score build up over time and eventually tip over a threshold that indicates a level of interest warranting a personal call.

    Email nurturing and marketing automation are essential elements for a business that is looking to scale. As many of our existing clients will know, we offer a comprehensive onboarding process for marketing automation and handle the initial set up to put you on the path to success. We can also remain available in constant support.

    If you want to find out more about marketing automation, download our free guide here.

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