Sussex Enterprise Conference

  • The Sussex Enterprise Annual Conference was held in Brighton this week. 2 years ago we were a fledgling business and Sussex Enterprise had the inspired idea of creating a small business area at its conference offering stand spaces at £100 a time. We exhibited, picked up a few good leads (one very good) and returned home happy bunnies. Sadly, the idea hasn't been repeated since. 'Why not?' we ask.

    So what of this year's exhibition? Perhaps it's a sign of the times, but it all looked a little under-invested to us, from the general decor to the stands.

    James Caan was good value and we bumped into a few old friends, which saved the day.

    The jury is still out at Eye HQ on the value we get from our membership of Sussex Enterprise. We are told that 'you get out what you put in,' which clearly indicates that £280 a year is not seen as enough. What do you think? If anybody feels they've cracked it and are getting a good return on their fees, please comment here. Don't keep the secret all to yourself.

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