• Technorati is the leading blog search engine and said to be the mecca of all bloggers. In the interests of exploring every frontier for our clients, we've decided to give it a go ourselves.

    The problem is, we've signed up, only to be told that we are not members of our own blog!

    Claiming our blog will establish that we are its owners and allow us to use Technorati services to increase the blog’s visibility. Amongst other things we can:

    1. Include a blog description on our Blog's page at

    2. Have our blog listed in the Blog Directory and Blog Search

    3. Use and install Technorati Widgets such as "Favorite Me"

    All of this seems worth having, so why are we made to stand waiting outside the door?

    There looks to be an alternative way of manually claiming the blog, which requires us to post some code. Well, here it is:
    Technorati Profile

    Makes no sense to us either. Let's see what happens.

    Update: it worked!

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