Tracking your Twitter performance via the Twitter analytics dashboard – 2015 update

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    Last year I wrote a blog post about Twitter opening up its analytics dashboard to all users, allowing everyone to track activity of their tweets and followers. It was a welcome addition, but offered limited insight into your Twitter activity.

    Twitter has since added to the analytics dashboard with an extremely insightful and colourful dashboard on the home screen of your analytics.

    What’s new?

    28-day summary

    First, it gives you a 28-day summary of your activity, including Tweets, Tweet impressions, Profile visits, Mentions and Followers. It also tells you how you're performing against the previous 28-day period.


    Tweet highlights

    Next, you will see a nice visual collection of your best performing activity per month. This is really useful for identifying what tweets are driving the most engagement so you can attribute more time and money to this content (as long as it is actually relevant to your business). As Twitter tracks this activity on a month-by-month basis, you can start to build an accurate picture of what type of content is working best.

    See here:


    Twitter breaks down this activity into four different sections. It shows you your best performing tweet for the month, top media tweet (a tweet including an image or video), top mention and your top follower.

    Month-by-month summarymonthly_twitter_activity.png

    The final addition gives you a broader insight into your overall activity for the month. Here you can see how many tweets you posted during the month, how many impressions your tweets received, number of profile visits, times mentioned by other Twitter users and how many followers you gained during a particular month.


    These additions by Twitter are fantastic for keeping a month-by-month overview of your Twitter activity and are open to anyone within your team who has access to your Twitter account. The quick and easy to digest data is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the time to dig deeper into the analytics. It will also update the current month in real-time, allowing you to adjust your activities accordingly.

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