Why The last thing Twitter needs is brand guidelines

  • So Twitter has gone and issued brand guidelines.

    The question is why?

    /images/twitterbirdcallout.pngI remember (and once believed in) the first commandment of brand management - 'Thou shall not tinker with the brand'.  The brand guidelines where the Earth, the Sun and the stars to zealous brand police (like me) who were charged with making sure that a metaphorical hair was never out of place on the company logo.

    And then something weird happened.

    A hip, emergent business from Silicon Valley just threw its brand our there.  Perhaps its stellar rise was giving it more important things to think about; maybe somebody forget to tell them 'the rules'.

    Whether by accident or design, Twitter letting its logos and trademarks go free to be evolved by its customers has been one of the most successful forms of brand engagement ever seen - possibly redefining the rules forever.  Millions of people around the world now consider the brand to be 'theirs'.

    Now Twitter wants to take it all away?

    To try and put the genie back in bottle now is a) too late and b) contrary to Twitter's perceived brand values.  The whole exercise could prove to be counter-productive.

    Chillax Twitter and stop trying to act like a grown-up.  You're turning into a Corporate, just like all the rest.

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