Twitter DM changes – good news or bad news for your business?

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    Twitter has recently updated its stance on Direct Messages (DMs) – allowing for more flexible communication between businesses and customers.

    Previously, the recipient of a DM had to be following the sender. For example, if I wanted to send a Direct Message to the Daily Mail, the Daily Mail would have to be following me.

    The latest update means businesses can now choose whether or not to receive DMs, regardless of the following status of the sender.

    Why is this good news for my business?

    Twitter is an efficient and cost effective way of communicating with customers, allowing you to react to both negative and positive comments, as well as updating users on other aspects of your business. Therefore, this is a very important update for Twitter as more and more users look to communicate with businesses quickly and efficiently.

    Here are 2 key reasons why this latest update is good for your business:

    • Increases customer engagement and service – by making yourself accessible it breeds trust and openness in the mind of your customer and leads to a positive ongoing relationship
    • Allows users to pass on important information that would not be suitable in a public message (tweet) – some messages just aren’t meant for the public domain. By going through a DM you can pass on information in the knowledge that this won’t be seen by other Twitter users.

    Why could this be bad for my business?

    ‘How can this be bad for my business when I’m being offered a tool that allows me to communicate with my customers?’

    Good question, here are 2:

    • Volume – are you in a position to monitor and answer queries? If not, the excellent customer support this service should afford you, will be reversed.
    • SPAM – by opening yourself up to receiving direct messages from anyone and everyone – you’re in turn opening yourself up to those who want to abuse it. This can subsequently lead to you missing the important messages as you become blinded by the trail of irrelevance that may enter your inbox. (note: you can block users)

    In conclusion, a well-managed Twitter account will only find this update to be a positive feature, but it’s important to understand the negatives if you don’t have the resources to manage it. At The Marketing Eye, we have a dedicated team who handle social media on a day-to-day basis. If you think we can help, get in touch.

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