What is Animoto and how can it benefit your business?

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    We are always looking for engaging ways to present and repurpose content and, this week, want to highlight Animoto.

    With Animoto you can create a video clip, up to twenty minutes long, of a combination of video, photographs and text. When using Animoto, you can upload a company logo and have this flash up at the beginning and end, you can also choose from a whole library of songs as a backing track. There is a wide range of video styles to choose from and the whole process, from uploading to editing, is extremely user friendly.

    There is a choice of four price plans, although the first is technically just a free, 14 day trial. The other three plans fall under Personal, Professional and Business and is the standard ‘the more you pay the more you get’. With a personal price plan, for £9.99 a month, you have access to 50+ Basic styles, in HD quality, and 500 music tracks. You are able to download the video to your computer but only have a licence for personal use.

    With the Professional price plan, and £19.99 a month, you get all of the same features as well as 20+ professional and customisable styles, 2,000 music tracks and a call to action button in the video. You are also licenced to sell to consumers. With the business price plan, and £29.99 a month, you have access to all of the previously mentioned features as well as an increase in tracks (3,000) and a licence to sell to other businesses. You are also able to have up to 3 users and a 30 minute consultation.

    When uploading images you are given the option to upload photographs from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Picasa, Flickr, SmugMug or your computer library. This shows already how easily you can spread your content over several platforms. Moreover, once you have finished editing your video and produced it, you are able to share it via Email, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You are also able to download the video to use as you wish.

    Animoto videos can be used in a range of different ways to benefit your business:

    Bring all of your images together in one easy video – this is perfect for a business that is extremely photograph based, whether they have a wide range of products or services or simply like to show what they have to offer in a creative, interesting format

    Exhibitions – Want a rolling video of your products, services, team members on show at an exhibition? Animoto is the perfect way to produce this

    Promotion – There are hundreds of reasons why a business may need to use a video as a promotional technique, for example they may have brought out a new product or line, or they may have a new production process or even a new unique selling point

    Informative video – Videos are the best way to get information across, Animoto allows you to upload snippets of video footage and combine them with photographs and text to gather all key information into one, easy video

    So, why don’t you check it out and expand your content.

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